KARENKO YOTE My New WordPress Name!



Sounds kind of Asian doesn’t it?  Well this new development was completely accidental.  I was surfing the templates  looking for one that worked best for my intent, when I tried this one.  At first I was confused..I thought Hey, why did they put the designer name on there so prominently? I thought this because I saw an asian name (in my head).

Now this got me thinking…

We as human beings associate certain responses with visual stimuli.

(Now I do apologize for bringing out the professional jargon, but I do have two Masters degrees and sometimes I just cannot help myself.  Please don’t hold this against me.)

What this means is…as we are growing up, (or coming up as the Southern might say) we store EVERYTHING that happens to us in our brains, laying down neural pathways in the process.  The more we have the same experience or response to any event (stimulus) the more automatic becomes our reaction  (response).  Look at it like walking down the same path day after day.  After a while the path becomes more and more distinct and noticeable   And if it is traversed often enough, it becomes deep.  Here comes the old saying..becoming “stuck in a rut”

We all do this and I am no exception.  Ruts can be comfortable though uncomfortable.  Comfortable because they are familiar, uncomfortable because they are..well…ruts!

I decided to do something about a year ago to jar me out of a rut or two.  I joined a group of Plein Aire (that means painting on location outside in a fancy French way) painters led by Coni Grant (love her work!) in Alamosa, Colorado.  I really hadn’t done much of this before and it was (still is) quite the rut jumper!

The painting above was one of my first gos at this.  I was standing in the mud in front of my full size easel trying to figure out where to put everything. (They make nice compact easels for this purpose but I didn’t have one).  I muddled through and was doing OK when the wind started coming up.  BLAP a very strong gust slammed into my set up, the top of the canvas shot off the easel and made fairly good contact with the front of my body!  I replaced the canvas and did what any creative artist would do…I tried to figure out how to incorporate the body marks into the design.  Hmmmmm  look at that smear, would it be a good wind?  Oh look a thumb mark, maybe I can turn that into a rock!

Then I heard a rumble.  It was faint but it was definitely a rumble.  And along with the rumble a cloud, which was growing bigger and closer, faster than I ever thought was possible.

I looked at my painting..I looked at that cloud…painting..cloud..painting…

Now, although I love painting It is sometimes hard for me to get started on one.  And once I do start, it is hard for me to stop, cause I know if I do, I may or may not recreate that “flow” I have going.   Painting…cloud…the cloud was definitely getting bigger, louder and closer and I noticed that the other members of the group were packing up.

Painting,..cloud… thunder…LIGHTNING!

OK out of there!

A new respect was born for all those Plein Aire painters that day!  Kudos for all your rut jumping!

Nous vous respectons


Changes Are A Comin (spelling intentional)

It was my birthday last week.  I turned fifty five years old. Now as most people who are older can attest to, when you are young you never, or very rarely, think about what your life will be like when you are older. (And right now I am definitely putting myself in that “older” category) You more than likely feel as if there is “plenty of time to get to that”, or “I really would like to do this but….”.  Oh by the way, this is me.

My name is Karen Koyote

I grew up in a “Southern” Oklahoma family.
Now this doesn’t mean I was in Southern Oklahoma mind you. Tennessee was on one side of the Trail of Tears, Oklahoma was on the other.  Not only that, but many Tennesseans (remember Daniel Boone?) migrated to Texas.  Some then drifted up into Oklahoma looking for even better opportunities as the land opened up (translate stole) from the tribal lands.  With them came Southern attitudes, customs and food.  I came from a “Southern” Oklahoma family.
OK now, back to the gettin old part.  So here I am, turning fifty five, and I’m looking at myself and thinking You know Karen, time is getting kinda short, don’t you think it’s about time to pursue the things that you have always wanted to do?  Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing. Why yes I do! It is time to let go of all the excuses, stallings, distractions, and fears and move on to participate in the activities that give me the most joy. So what is this activity that gives me joy? What is it that makes me lose track of time and go into the “zone”?  Should I tell them now? Maybe I’ll make em wait till the next post.  Naw I’ll tell them.
The activity that gives me that kind of joy is…..
More specifically
More specifically
This blog is an invitation to join me on my journey of discovery, as I traverse the terrain of self exploration. (ie, my whole life is getting ready to change, sort of like when you decide to organize your junk drawer).
Welcome aboard!!