Stories and Art, Well They Just Go Together

Last week I was at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough Tennessee.  It was my first time at this festival though they were celebrating their 40th anniversary.  Jonesborough is located in a beautiful area of low mountains and tall trees.  There was green everywhere…made me a little homesick for Oklahoma.

Being the oldest city in Tennessee there is a lot of history there.

Downtown Jonesborough


A most significant thing happened while I was there.  It wasn’t anything visible, but was a shift within myself, inspired and encouraged by the storytellers I was listening to. I realized several things.

1.  (Oh by the way I love to make lists..but this is a subject for another day)

1. Diversity in storytelling is not only tolerated, but encouraged and appreciated.

2. Reality touches the heart, the funny as well as the serious.

3. Good storytelling produces pictures in the brain and has the effect of can be listening for    hours and almost not notice.

Meet Bill…he was one of my favorite tellers

Carmen Deedy…Love her!

She gives a great quote in this video.

“Good storytelling is crafting a story that someone wants to listen to…great storytelling is the art of letting go”


OK…so how does all of this figure into my art journey?  Lets say it again with just a little word change…Great art, is the art of letting go.

Think about that for a moment…




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